Term 6 2023-2024

Transition letter

Year 3/4 RSHE

Mrs T Meet the teacher

Transition afternoon letter

Miss C All about me

Mrs H All about me

Miss D Meet the teacher

Lego Club Letter

Hand foot and mouth letter

Mr Sayer Summer Flyer

Peasmarsh Music Festival

Year 4 Changing Me

Year 3 Changing Me

Step Up Program

Minnows Trip

Year 6 Fire Safety Trip

KS1 Trip

Year 6 Sex Education

Dates for your Diary

After School Clubs

Year 2 RSHE

Year 1 PSHE

Year 6 Residential

Year 3/4 Swimming


Term 5 2023-2024

Lego Club Letter

Ham Street Woods Letter

Chicken Pox Letter

Term 5 RSHE Letter

KS1 Welly Walk

After School Clubs


Lockdown Update

Multisports Flyer

Football Club

SE Letter for Nursery

Fact Sheet

Year 3-4 Swimming

Year 2 RSHE Letter

Mrs Murphy


Term 4 2023-2024

Attendance Shop

Suspected mumps

Nursery Session Times

Social Media and Messaging Platforms

Mrs Murphy

AAC Parent Election

Term 5 Lego Club

Staffing Letter

British Museum Trip

Science Week

Year 3&4 RSHE Letter

Term 4 Football Club

Term 4 Gymnastics Club

Term 4 Swimming

Term 4 Year 2 RSHE Letter

World Book Day

Mrs Haddock

Minnows Rye Town Trip

After School Clubs


Term 3 2023-2024

Lego Club

Year 5 and 6 RSHE

Miss Isted Return

LS Coaching Holiday Camp

Term 3 RSHE Letter

Miss Isted Update

Year 6 Height and Weight

Stranger Danger

Term 3 Swimming

After School Clubs

KS1 Hastings Museum Trip

NSPCC - Speak Out. Stay Safe

No Smoking Letter


Term 2 2023-2024

All About Me Miss Flaherty

All About Me Miss Dale

All About Me Ms Hinxman

Staffing December

Lego Club

Date for your Diary

Year 3/4 RSHE


Year 5/6 RSHE

Gymnastics Club Letter

Year 5&6 Swimming

One World Day

After School Clubs

Gymnastics Club Letter

Football Club Letter

Reading Newsletter

Year 5&6 Swimming

One World Day

After School Clubs

Gymnastics Club Letter

Football Club Letter

Reading Newsletter

Christmas IQ Cards


Term 1 2023-2024

Year 3/4 RSHE

Tree Safety Works

Planetarium Letter

French Day Year 3/4

Dates for you Diary

Attendance Letter

Dolphins Staffing Change

Lets Rocket Menu Change

Parental Code of Conduct

Lego Club

Height and Weight Measurements YR

Height and Weight Measurements Y6

Year 5 & 6 Trip

RAAC Letter

PE Uniform

Meet the Teacher

KWB Parent Letter

Harvest Festival

Year 2 RSHE

Year 5 and 6 RSHE

Menu Change 28/9

Year 6 Residential Letter

KS1 Super Hero Day

PE Uniform

Extra Curricular Clubs

Football Club

Gymnastics Club


Term 6 2022-2023

Dates List

Extra Curricular Clubs Letter

Jaws and Claws

Wild Beach Letter


Parenting Guide

Peasmarsh Music Festival

Photographer Schedule

Lego Letter

Rye Harbour Trip

Hastings Academy Trip

Year 6 Safety in Action Letter

Year 2 Cricket Letter

Year 2 RSHE Letter


Term 5 2022-2023

Dover Castle Trip

Dodge Ball Flyer

Football Club Flyer


Strike Action Update

Cooking Club

Year 2 RSHE Letter

Year 3/4 RSHE Letter

Coronation Menu

Minnows Library Letter

Hamstreet Woods Trip

 Strike Action Letter


Term 4 2022-2023

Year 5 Houses of Parliament Visit

Gymnastics Flyer

Football Club Flyer

Potential Club Action

Orcas Library Visit

Year 6 Residential

Sea Turtles Library Visit

Recent OFSTED Letter

Minnows Trip Letter

Staffing Update


Term 3 2022-2023

Letter from Mrs McDonald

Strike Action

Marlin Update Letter

Extra Curricular Clubs Letter

RSHE Year 3

Term Dates Final

Strike Action

Reading Newsletter

Strike Action Update

Year R and Year 6 National Measurement Programme

Strike Confirmation

School Meal Increase

Mental Health Week

Lego Club

Year R and Year 6 Vision Testing

Strep A Parent Letter


Term 2 2022-2023

Car Park

Influenza Vaccination

PTA News

One World Day

Minnows Staffing Update

Minnows Grandparents Day

Marlin Library Letter

Christmas Card Competition

Festive Menu Poster

EYPP Eligibility Forms

Dolphins Library Letter

Dates List

Cost of Living Newsletter

Cooking Club

Communication between parents

Christmas Performances

Reading Newsletter


Term 1 2022-2023

PE Letter

Year 3 and 4 RSHE Letter

RCPS Mental Health Newsletter

Key Fluency Facts

Extra Curricular Clubs Letter

Harvest Festival

Meet the Teacher

Parent Consultations

Phonics Workshop

KS1 Pirate Day

Guitar Tuition

State Funeral Bank Holiday Monday

Supporting your child's learning


Table Tennis

Year 5-6 RSHE Newsletter

Starfish Welcome Letter

Meet the Teacher

Letter to Parent Carers

Accessible Newsletter


Term 6 2021-2022

Year 1/2 Swimming Letter

T6 Art Club Letter

Car Park

Dates List

Transitions Letter

Y5 Mallydams Letter

Y6 Safety in Action

East Sussex Parent Letter

RSE Day Letter

Peasmarsh Music Festival

Mental Health Newsletter

Year 1 and 2 Drumming Workshop

Year 5 & 6 Suffragette Workshop

KS1 Church Visit

EYFS Sports Day

KS2 Sports Day

Church Visit KS1

Mallydams Cancellations

Sports Day Picnic

Simply Italian Letter


Term 5 2021-2022

Year 6 Film Letter

East Sussex Queens Jubilee Poster

Year 3/4 Amazing World Visit

Gardening Club Letter

RCPS Pen Pal Project

Jubilee Poster

NSBP Poster

Art Club

Letters to Parents Ukraine

Model Making Club

Swimming Letter

Yoga Club


Term 4 2021-2022

Y6 Over Night Stay

Waves Application Form

Minnows Trip

World Book Day

Houses of Parliament Trip

Parent Consultations

Parent Engagement

Book Club

March COVID Update

Letter to Parents 25th Feb

NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe

Orcas Update

Violin Lessons

Warn and Inform Letter


Term 3 2021-2022

Letter to Parents 17th January

Swimming Letter Pick Up Times

Healthy Lunchboxes

Healthy Lunchboxes 2

COVID Letter 01/01/22

COVID Letter 27/01/22

Mobile Phones

Parenting Smart Flyer

Mental Health Newsletter

Reading Newsletter

Lateral Flow Testing


Term 2 2021-2022

Emergency School Closure

Barracudas Update

COVID Update

Guidance for parents regarding videos and images

Reducing Impact COVID 19

Specific Consent Form

RSHE Letter

Children in Need

AAC Parent Nominations

Environmental Health

Privacy Notice AAC Members

Creative Christmas Workshop

COVID 01/12

Reception Grandparents Day

EYFS Christmas Performance Letter

EYFS One World Day

PTA AGM Letter

Nut Free Zone

Miss Brunton Absence

Reception Grandparents Day


Term 1 2021-2022

Reception Baseline Assessment

 Vaccination Letter

Guitar Lessons

 Year 6 Rye College Open Evening

 Data Collection Letter

Sports Leaders

Meet the Teacher

 Year 5 & 6 Local Walk

Swimming Letter

 Dinner Menu

Homework Club

 KS1 Hero Day

 Wellbeing Newsletter

 Swimming Reminder

Choir Club


Parent Consultations

 Year 1-2 Planetarium Visit

Year 5-6 RSHE

 Year 3-4 RSHE

Reception Height and Weight Check

Year 6 Height and Weight Check







Term 6 2020-2021

 Reading Newsletter

 Homework Club

AS Letter

 Leavers Letter

 Jaws n Claws

FSM Eligibility

Reception Transition Dates

 End of Term Events



Term 5 2020-2021

 Reading Newsletter

RHSE Letter to Parents

 RSHE KS1 Letter to Parents

Menu Change

Year 6 Height and Weight Measurement

Reception Vision Screening


Term 4 2020-2021

 Re-opening Arrangements for 08.03.21

RCPS Reading Newsletter Issue 4

 Anxiety Tools for Parents

8 Reasons to Feel Reassured

 Rebuild and Recover Training Tools


Term 3 2020-2021

 Teams Invite

 Delay to the start of the spring term

Start of term 3 arrangements

Home learning

 Remote Learning Guide

Remote learning and FSM

 RCPS Reading Newsletter Issue 2

 Delay to the start of the spring term

Broadband Help Scheme

Privacy Notice

 Letter from the AAC


Term 2 2020-2021

 COVID Christmas Arrangements

 Parent Carer Questionnaire

Glossary of Terms for Equality

Glossary of Terms for LGBQT

 Barracudas Letter

Year 1 Parent Vision Screening

Reception Parent Vision Screening

 Parent Consultations

 Reception One World Day

 One Way System

 National Restrictions

Term 1 2020-2021

 Buster Book Club

 COVID Privacy Notice

 Odd Socks Day

 Rye Primary RHSE Policy

 Wednesday Collection

 Executive Head Welcome Update

Collection and drop off arrangements

Letter to Parents Government Guidance

Family Letter

PE Kit and Forrest School

NHS Test and Trace

Collection Arrangements 24.09.20


Term 4 2019-2020

Rye Community Primary School Closure

UPDATED: Coronavirus Parent Information - 17/03/20

UPDATED: Coronavirus Parent Information - 16/03/20

UPDATED: Coronavirus Parent Information

Coronavirus Parent Information

Den Day

World Book Day Reward

Year 4 Blue Reef Trip

Cuttlefish Parents Evening

World Book Day


Term 3 2019-2020


Parent Survey

Coronavirus Public Info

Crafty Maths

AAC Meeting 26th Feb

Buster Book Club Glow Disco

Singing Club Term 4

Travel Plan

Term 4 After School Clubs

Inside Out Day - Mental Health Week

Reading Cafe

Parent Consultations

Cuttlefish Cover

Uniform Letter

Phonics Screening and SATS Information Sessions YR1&2

Craft English Parent Course

Family Transitions

Menu Change


Term 2 2019-2020

Year 5 Residential Letter

Singing Club Registration Form

YR Planetarium Letter

Year 1 Planetarium

Playden WI Singing

KS2 Christmas Letter

Year 5 Junk Orchestra

 Parent View

Christmas Dinner

Co-op Funding


Panto Letter

Year 4 Saxon Workshop

 Swimming Timetable

Club Letter

School Photographs

Emergency School Closure

Year 3 Music Lessons

Year 6 Music Lessons

Phonics Workshop

Bonfire Menu

AAC Parents

Singing Club

Adult Learning

Parent Communication


Term 1 2019-2020

 Carol Singing at Rye College Years 4&5

 Seahorses Update

 D&V Information Sheet

 Good to be Green!

 Christmas on a budget course

 Year 6 Forest School

 Swimming Safety

 Pupil Premium

 Nut Free Zone

 ELSA Letter

 Year 1 Super Hero Day

 Meet the Teacher

 Meet the Teacher Seahorses

 Rye College Young Writers Competition

 Swimming Timetable

 Movers and Groovers Registration form

Singing Club Registration Form

 Tennis Club Registration Form

 Trip and Medical Consent Form

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