Keeping you fit and healthy

Working with us gives you discounted membership with Freedom Leisure Centres. Freedom Leisure offers something for everyone, whatever you enjoy doing your level of fitness. Whether you love the gym, group exercise classes, swimming or playing sports, their memberships have you covered!

Helping you stay relaxed

Working with us gives you discounted access to a range of leisure activities. CSSC is an exclusive membership for public sector employees. For less than a fiver a month, families and individuals can save so much more on a range of pursuits including;

Free entry to 280 English Heritage sites for you and your family
Cinema tickets from £5.00 including all top chains
Reduced price days out, trips and theme parks
Subsidised sports training and entry into select events
Special offers on new and used vehicles
Discounts in high street shops, on holidays, eating out and more.

Looking after your well-being

We believe well-supported, valued colleagues with a clear and shared purpose are best placed to provide for the emotional well-being of children in their care. Provided by Health Assured, our 'Employee Assistance Programme' is intended to help colleagues deal with personal problems that might adversely impact work performance, health and well-being. Typically support may include assessment, counselling and referral for individuals or their family.

Treating you as a professional

Aquinas is committed to national and local agreements affecting employment as contained in the Burgundy Book (Conditions of Service) for teachers and Green Book (National Joint Council) for associate colleagues unless superseded by statute or revised editions, or by local provisions. This includes salary scales; period of notice and termination of contract; maternity, paternity and adoption leave; leave of absence; and annual leave.

Training you throughout your career

Aquinas offers colleagues a unique 'Five Stage Career Plan' which includes specific courses for:

+ NQTs;
+ NQTs +1 (NQTPlus);
+ Teachers (AquinasTeach);
Leaders (AquinasLead);
Professionals at qualification stage (e.g. NPQH).

These courses have been uniquely crafted to re-enforce our distinctive ethos and support colleagues in their roles across the trust. They include access to:

Expert speakers from across our trust schools;
The best external providers in their respective areas;
Other teachers and leaders at the same stage of development;
Select content focusing on current research and practice;
School-based and trust-wide projects to improve provision and develop your expertise.

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