Every year, the school produces an 'improvement plan' that outlines how we intend to address our educational priorities over the academic year. The plan is based around the improvement of 'learning' and the improvement of 'leadership'. In this way, we improve the school by improving each and every classroom - so all children benefit from our work.

Our plan is not a list of everything which the school will do during the year; instead, it is a list of the key objectives which school leaders need to address if the school is to improve outcomes for pupils.

The plan details:

  • What Ofsted has told us we must do to improve the school;
  • What actions we must focus on to bring about improvement;
  • What we must do to ensure we improve outcomes over the course of the year.

We share our plan (below) with our families and community as well as meeting with stakeholders six times a year to discuss our progress and next steps.

Rye Community Primary School Improvement Plan

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