Our Reading Passport Programme

At Rye Community Primary School, we recognise the importance for children of all ages to grow up with a rich variety of books as they develop their deep love of reading.

We want to support them in becoming avid and lifelong readers. In addition to unlocking a child's imagination (allowing for a greater degree of creative stimulation), reading is a crucial tool for all children in the development of a range of skills, including reading and writing, and speaking and listening.  

It is also invaluable in the extension of vocabulary and the ability to become inquisitive and resourceful, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.  

How the Reading Passport programme works

  • The Reading Passport is banded into 7 colours to support your child through their reading journey at Rye Community Primary School.
  • Each band has a range of classic, fantasy, traditional, modern and diverse books so that the children develop a love of reading and an understanding for books in their age range and ability level. Please see all 7 colour streams below with the range of books your child will be reading. 
  • Every time your child completes a book, they will answer several comprehension questions and then a member of teaching staff will stamp/sign their booklet.
  • The children will need to read the given amount of books from their passport before they can receive their well-earned reward.
  • Everyone needs to take their time and read and discuss books together and for pleasure. This is not a race to get to the end.
  • The children will also continue to read books from their given reading band (separate from the Reading Passports), free choice, library book and Reading Eggs programme.
  • Please encourage the children to look after their books and return them when they’re read them.

We hope that our Reading Passport Programme, in addition to our exploration of the 'literary canon', promotes a love of reading, along with an appreciation of its importance, to all of our pupils.

Reading Passports

Please also see the latest copy of our Reading Newsletter 

Reading Newsletters

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