A school travel plan helps to improve the health and well-being of pupils and colleagues, reduces pollution and congestion around schools; and helps families and community save money on transport costs.

The way pupils travel to and from school can have an enormous impact on their lifestyle. A greater number of families are taking their children to and from school by car which leads to increased congestion, higher levels of pollution and greater risks for pedestrians and cyclists.

A school travel plan can assist schools in addressing some of these challenges by looking at the barriers to sustainable travel then recommending practical ways to reduce the number of car trips made to school.

Our school travel plan aims to:

  • Reduce the impact and frequency of car journeys made to and from school by parents, colleagues and visitors;
  • Increase the number of pupils and colleagues cycling by 5% over 3 years;
  • Increase the number of families walking to school by 5% over 3 years;
  • Educate and promote road safety skills throughout the whole school community, and improve the health and wellbeing of pupils and colleagues;
  • Reduce transport impact on the local community.

School Travel Plan

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